Welcome to Banff National Park telemetry reporting page.  Please click on
the Park that you are interested in and scroll down to the site your looking for, then scroll to the bottom of the selected page for the latest info.
** Note that some data does not come in on a timely fashion so please
        check the time stamp with each packet.

Telemetry #1 = Voltage  #2 = Either Voltage or Temperature.
Telemetry #3 (Version 9>) Temperature, otherwise Not Used
#4 NOT USED    #5 Site Name

NA = No current telemetry available ftom that site.
          Last known telemetry may be available, check time stamp.
TE = Telemetry unit under test for that site.

Notes: Mt White telemetry is down as of Sep.28.15
           Mt Wilson telemetry is down as of Sep.01.15
           Mt Stephens telemetry is down as of May.20.16

Due to Mt Turner taking numerous hits it was decided not to put a telemetry station at this site.  Generally voltage has always been good.
New Telemetry units have been made up for:

     Mt Wilson
These unit will be installed when the next visit occurs.

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