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Recent Updates...

Updated May 2018

You can download a PDF file of all the Wildrose Repeaters and DStar registered users for VE6WRN / WRE (G3) here.
   updated by Dennis VE6BGZ   Apr18

DStar Repeaters
VE6WRN 146.805  -1.2M (Dashboard)
                444.925 +5M
               1287.500  -20M
VE6WRE 444.825 + 5M

FM/Digital Repeaters
VA6TWO 927.0125 -25M PL 131.8/151.4
VA6WRO 927.0500 -25M PL 131.8/151.4
VA6TRE 927.7250 -25M PL 131.8/151.4
-All 900 repeaters are FM/P25
VE6RPT 444.900+ PL 218.1 - Offline
VE6RPT 146.940- PL 131.8 (FM/P25)
VA6TWO 147.390+ PL 100.0 (FM Only)
VA6TWO 442.200+ PL 131.8 (FM/P25)

Note:  VA6TWO 147.390+ PL100 also operates in the Calgary area on FM.

Park Repeaters - Access PL 131.8
VE7KNP 146.700- (N-Kootenay)
VE7PNR 146.880- (S-Kootenay)
VE6AMP 147.030- (Nester 10,300'+)
VE6WRT 224.940- (Hailstone)
VA6TWO 442.200+ PL (Calgary)
VE6MPR 444.7875+(Near Spray Lake)
   All Parks repeaters link via VE6MPR

Yaesu System Fusion Rpt..

VE6WRT 147.390+ C4FM PL 131,8
Current Status: Online as of Mar 8
NOTE: This repeater is now located on Hailstone Bute operating both modes.
See: Fusion

See Dennis VE6BGZ notes at the top of this column for more details on all the repeaters.

Click here for DMR Freq. Chart.
Updated Oct.2.2016
Compiled by Dennis VE6BGZ.

Monday VE6WRN(C) @ 20:00
   Alberta DStar Info Net
You can also connect to Ref016B
Wildrose Amateur Radio
Calgary, Alberta - Canada
Site designed by Dale VE6CPK
UPDATE:  The Fusion repeater VE6WRT at Hailstone Butte is now back online for the summer.....ENJOY!!!!
As always we would like to thank the individuals that help keep all this hardware running.  The cost of putting in the hardware has mostly come out of a few dedicated hams but the on-going cost is what we need help with.  Please check out this page to check your status.  And if you want to become a supporter or a member of the Wildrose please click here.

We currently support 8 VHF, 4 UHF, 3-900, 1-23cm and 2 simplex repeaters.  4 of the VHF-FM and 2-UHF FM repeaters are linked at all times.  We also support 3 different digital modes.  4 DStar, 1 Fusion and 4 - P25 repeaters (VHF, UHF, and now 900).  We also have other projects that are either implemented or being worked on and are available to supporters.

Current supporters for 2018:  VE6AMC, VE6CPK, VE6CPT, VE6BGZ, VE6VET, VE6ACR, VE6BJN, VE6PTE, VE6KTE, VE6EN, VE6EAH, VE6TV, VA6KRK, VE6NS

We have upgraded VA6TWO repeater in Calgary on 442.200 to a Quantar repeater now running FM/P25 modes.  Please note if your do not want to hear the racket associated with P25 be sure you are decoding PL.  This will silence your radio when P25 is active.  PL for this repeater is 131.8 hz.

There are some new updates to the Wildrose Swap-N-Shop.

Mar.14.18  The Fusion repeater located on Hailstone Butte is now back online for the summer.  ENJOY!!!

Our coffee gathering will be changing to a new locaion starting March 7/2018.  See Coffee Klatch for details.

I like to thank those that helped us with funds to cover our insurance cost for this year. There was also some funds to help with the ongoing cost of having the internet at the repeater site for DStar.  Thanks to all...

Just a note that all the old data callsigns for VE6WRN and VE6WRO have now been permanently deleted.  If you updated as requested your OK, if not you may have issues.  Since the data has been deleted your on your own.  We can not help you any further.  I only know of 3 calls so most of you did do the update.

Here is a link to more recent information on Distracted Driving.
                 Click here.

Another new portable DStar radio from Icom appears to be on the horizon.  You can check out the Brochure here.

Note that VE6WRT repeater on Hailstone Butte has been turned off for the winter due to low voltage at the site.  The 220 repeater and link to the National Parks will continue to opeerate.

Oct.24.17  G3 Update
Plans to upgrade VE6WRN DStar to G3 have been put on hold.  There are no resources to upgrade the computer and required hardware at this time.  However VE6WRE has been updated to G3 operation and does support the Icom G3 format.  You will need a second call sign to make use of Icom's new Access Point/Terminal Mode using either the ID-4100 or ID-51++.  You can register your call on VE6WRE here however we require that you are either a member/associate or supporter of the Wildrose Group.  See Application Form.  Please register your G3/2nd call only on VE6WRE, your primary call can be registered elsewhere or on VE6WRN.  Your support will need to be updated yearly or your call could be removed.  See WR Support.

It's that time of the year again where we have to pay for insurance in order to keep our sites insured and active.  The past year has had us re-evaluate some of the equipment we have and in some cases we either down sized or made some changes to our system. If you can help by making sure your membership is up to date and/or help with a donation, our group would much appreciate that.  You can click on the PayPal button above to send funds or contact Dale VE6CPK.  Also if your a member of RAC please let us know as this helps reduce our insurance fees.

On another note the repeater site VE6RPT requires a new antenna however there seems to be no support for it.  Presently there is a C-8 at 300 feet.  We recently visited the site and the only thing we could do was to reduce the power  to minimized noise on the transmitter when a receive signal is present.  The Wildrose group will continue to operate this repeater but any upgrades will depend on you.  With the lower power the repeater appears to be operating a little better.

There have been a number of changes to some of our Wildrose Network.  Please see WRN Repeaters for updates and changes.  Also check Dennis's PDF file for a complete list of updates.

Please note that some hams have been using the VE6WRN-C module to link to reflectors and leaving them turned on.  The C-Band is mostly used for local activity and we don't want to occupy reflectors with local traffic.  Your welcome to use either the A or B modules to do your linking and please rememebr to unlink when done.

May.15.17  If your looking for infoirmation and files for the new Icom 51A Plus2 and ID-4100 mobile they can all be found in the Wildrose support section.  Any new files or information I find will be added to the support section.

May.13.17   ID-51A Plus2 (2)   ID-4100 Mobile
   RS-MS3W    ICOM   INSide

The newly released radios from ICOM have several exciting new features. Those features are enabled by and require G3 Gateway registration. Those new features will be enabled as soon as the Gateways convert to G3, which will then allow users to register another Terminal ID, as an “Access Point”. Until those conversions occur, the radios are functional as normal D-STAR user radios.

Please note that VE6WRE repeater has been successfully converted to G3. Dale VE6CPK has put a lot of hours into getting this completed.  Testing is underway and once completed VE6WRN will also get the upgrade.  Stay tune as we once again test the new frontiers of ham radio.   .

Here is a PDF file explaing the use of elecronic devices in your vehicle for distracted driving in British Columbia.  .

Here is a PDF file explaning the different DV modes we now use in Amateur radio. It explains and compares DStar, DMR and Fusion (C4FM) and shows some available hardware and its uses.  This PDF file comes to us from the Charlotte Digital Radio Group.
Comparison of Amateur Radio DV
Digital Voice Progress - 2016

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Comparison of Amateur Radio DV
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