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Recent Updates...

Updated November 2018

You can download a PDF file of all the Wildrose Repeaters and DStar registered users for VE6WRN / WRE (G3) here.
   updated by Dennis VE6BGZ   Apr18

DStar Repeaters - No Gateway
VE6WRN 146.805  -1.2M
                444.925 +5M
VE6WRE 444.825 + 5M

FM/Digital Repeaters
VA6TWO 927.0125 -25M PL 131.8/151.4
  - Main Rpt Long Range
VA6WRO 927.0500 -25M PL 131.8/151.4
VA6TRE 927.7250 -25M PL 131.8/151.4
-All 900 repeaters are FM/P25
VE6RPT 146.940- PL 131.8 (FM/P25)
VA6TWO 147.390+ PL 100.0 (FM Only)
VA6TWO 442.200+ PL 131.8 (FM/P25)

Note:  VA6TWO 147.390+ PL100.
Same frequency also operates on Hailstone Butte with a PL of 131.8.  See note below.

Park Repeaters - Access PL 131.8
VE7KNP 146.700- (N-Kootenay)(Offline)
VE7PNR 146.880- (S-Kootenay)
VE6AMP 147.030- (Nester 10,300'+)
VE6WRT 224.940- (Hailstone)
VE6MPR 444.7875+(Offline)
  Parks repeaters are now stand-a-lone

Yaesu System Fusion Rpt..

VE6WRT 147.390+ C4FM PL 131,8
Current Status: Offline as of Nov 12
NOTE: This repeater is now located on Hailstone Bute operating both modes.
See: Fusion

See Dennis VE6BGZ notes at the top of this column for more details on all the repeaters.

Click here for DMR Freq. Chart.
Updated Oct.2.2016
Compiled by Dennis VE6BGZ.

Alberta DStar Info Net

Monday VE6WRN(C) @ 20:00 - Offline

Please connect to Ref016B
Wildrose Amateur Radio
Calgary, Alberta - Canada
Site designed by Dale VE6CPK
IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The Gateway at VE6WRN is now offline...see recents updates for details...........................
As always we would like to thank the individuals that help keep all this hardware running.  The cost of putting in the hardware has mostly come out of a few dedicated hams but the on-going cost is what we need help with.  Please check out this page to check your status.  And if you want to become a supporter or a member of the Wildrose please click here.

We currently support 1-6M remote, 5 VHF, 2-220, 2 UHF, 3-900, 1-23cm and 2 simplex repeaters.  3 of the VHF-FM and 1-UHF FM repeaters are linked at all times (Parks).  We also support 3 different digital modes.  3 DStar, 1 Fusion and 4 - P25 repeaters (VHF, UHF, and now 900).  We also have other projects that are either implemented or being worked on and are available to supporters.

Current supporters for 2018:  VE6AMC, VE6CPK, VE6CPT, VE6BGZ, VE6VET, VE6ACR, VE6BJN, VE6PTE, VE6KTE, VE6EN, VE6TV, VE6NS

VE6WRT FM/Fusion repeater on Hailstoner has been turned off for the winter.  Watch here for its return in the Spring.  The 220 repeater will be left on for the winter.  VE6MPR hub repeater in BNP has been removed.  Remaining repeaters in the NP are now stand-a-lone and will be eventually be removed.

Note that our coffee gathering has been suspended for now.  See Coffee Klatch link or click here.

Nov.01.18  Note that VE6MPR is offline.  All park repeaters that are active will be stand-a-lone.  Also note that the DStar 1200 repeater has been removed.

Oct.19.18  Its that time of year again for renewing our insurance policies with the various sites we have, so again any help is appreciated.  And if your a member of RAC please let us know as this helps reduce the cost.  Although we have taken down the Internet Gateway we still run the VHF/UHF DStar repeaters at the site so will still have the cost for maintenance and insurance.  You can use the PayPal button above if you like to make a donation or update your membership..

The 1200 Meg DStar repeater has been removed.  No future plans are being considered at this time.  The VHF/UHF DStar will continue to operate as stand-a-lone repeaters for now.

Looks like the new ICOM IC-9700 all mode radio is on the horizon.  Check product brochure here.  Also SharkRF has a new product coming soon, check out there product web page here.

Please note that VE6WRN Gateway is now offline.  If you did not have your callsign removed from our Gateway your DStar access should still be valid but you will not have access for now to add/delete terminals or update your profile on your callsign.  Keep checking this page for possible updates as we move forward.

If you can still support our group that would be much appreciated as we still have many repeaters that require attention from time to time and of course insurance every year.  You can use the PayPal button above. Thanks from the Wildrose Network Team.

Please note that the gateway at VE6WRN will be shut down on July 27, 2018.   Due to the fact that the gateway is seeing very little if any use these days and the on going cost to keep it running, it was recently decided to shut down the internet.  A decision is pending on what to do with the trust server users database.  One decision is to either delete all calls from the database giving you the opportunity to register elsewhere or just leave calls on VE6WRN gateway computer however future access may be difficult but your gateway access will remain operational.  If you would like your call deleted please contact Dale VE6CPK.

In this digital world It seems most DStar users are using Dongles of some sort so the need of a local gateway repeater is not required.  They are costly to maintain and require a internet connection and without the support of its users it is just not sustanable.  The DStar repeaters for now will remain active and can be used locally.  You can still crossband modules however your channel setup will have to be done via the repeater controller and not the gateway.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact Dale ve6cpk at:    Alternatively you can contact Dennis VE6BGZ at:     Contacts are listed in the Contact section at the top of the page.

VE6WRN was the first DStar repeater/gateway in Canada that was privately own and has been on the air since 2007 (See CARDS).  DStar and other digital modes have seen a lot of changes over the years and its unfortunate that these changes have had such an inpact on clubs and repeaters.  As many users have chosen to use there private gateway connections there has been little need for repeaters/gateways.  I personally have gone with a SharkRF OpenSpot unit and I hear more activity there than I do on any repeater.

Its been fun and the hobby continues to grow in other ways, lets hope it all for the good.

System Administrator

We have upgraded VA6TWO repeater in Calgary on 442.200 to a Quantar repeater now running FM/P25 modes.  Please note if your do not want to hear the racket associated with P25 be sure you are decoding PL.  This will silence your radio when P25 is active.  PL for this repeater is 131.8 hz.  Also this repeater has a 6 meter remote and 220 repeater attached at all times.  For more inofrmation on frequencies contact Dale VE6CPK.

Here is a link to more recent information on Distracted Driving.
                 Click here.

Oct.24.17  G3 Update
Plans to upgrade VE6WRN DStar to G3 have been put on hold.  There are no resources to upgrade the computer and required hardware at this time.  Also there appears to be none if any interest in having another G3 gateway in the Calgary area.. However VE6WRE has been updated to G3 operation and does support the Icom G3 format.  You will need a second call sign to make use of Icom's new Access Point/Terminal Mode using either the ID-4100 or ID-51++.  You can register your call on VE6WRE here however we require that you are either a member/associate or supporter of the Wildrose Group.  See Application Form.  Please register your G3/2nd call only on VE6WRE, your primary call can be registered elsewhere or on VE6WRN.  Your support will need to be updated yearly or your call could be removed.  See WR Support.

On another note the repeater site VE6RPT requires a new antenna however there seems to be no support for it.  Presently there is a C-8 at 300 feet.  We recently visited the site and the only thing we could do was to reduce the power  to minimized noise on the transmitter when a receive signal is present.  The Wildrose group will continue to operate this repeater but any upgrades will depend on you.  With the lower power the repeater appears to be operating a little better.
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Nov 14.2018
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