Wildrose Network News Archives from 2008 and earlier....

  Join us for the CaNet (Canada Net) every Friday at 7PM (0200 UTC / 0100 UTC when on MDT) on the DStar repeater 146.805- in Calgary.  We are now using a reflector for the net and our hopes are to expand across the country and maybe even have a check-in from who knows where.  Please make sure your radio is set accordingly as outlined below.

Nov.30.08  We had a successful net on Friday with the Vancouver group.  A total of 17 checked in, 8 in Calgary and 9 in the Vancouver area.  We also had 3 that wanted to check in by the DV Dongle that emailed me however we do not have that working at the moment.  Were looking into why it's not working and hope to have a solution soon.  We had a few issues with the link dropping which we figured was happening from users not having there radios set properly.  Once the link is established by the adminstrator it is important to have the following in one of your memory channels:

          RPT1: VE6WRN C (in Calgary)  VA7ICM C (in Vancouver)
          RPT2: VE6WRN G (in Calgary)  VA7ICM G (in Vancouver)  Note both C and G need to be in the 8th position
          UR: CQCQCQ

    Any Dongle users please connect to Reflector 16B.
update If you have any suggestion to how or what you like to see happen on the net we would like to hear from you, for now please email Dale VE6CPK.  Until next Friday...

   Some testing has been done with DD around the city and we have found it to be quite good.  We have been able to work it from Active parking lot NE, London Drugs Heritage parking lot, our coffee gathering at Swiss Chalet, and the Blackfoot Inn parking lot.  Also we had a report that it worked in the Springbank airport area.  So far we are pleased with how it works and this presents some interesting ideas for the future.

Aug.24.08   Some testing was done on the DD last evening and we found it working very well.  Big improvement over the previous antenna and feedline.
I did a Speed test and you can see the latest result by clicking hereThe last speed test was done from my car in the Tim Horton's parking lot near 17th Ave and 37st SW.

Aug.23.08   We got the new antenna up for the 1200 DD.  Were doing some test right now to see how the coverage is but first impressions are good.  If your interested in DD on DStar please contact Dale VE6CPK for further information.

June.27.08  Here is the program that was issued at the funeral.  In PDF format.  Click here.

June.27.08  Here are a few images of Aarne VE6CKV.  Biking the Kettle Trail, Working HF at the Campout, Getting the Camp fire started, Driving up Hailstone.

June.11.08  Aarne VE6CKV passed away today at about 9pm.  He resently had a massive stroke and never recovered. I'll have a few pictures of him posted here in the next few days.  Funeral will be in Trochu Thursday June 19th.

  I would like to thank David VE6DJJ for his support.  Welcome to DStar Calgary, and the WRN gateway!!!

May.03.08 The "sceret documents" are being posted on our website. As some of you may be aware, we have been quite active in the Calgary area for some time (1981). We started a ham club in the city called SARA, in 1984. Yes...it was us.  We will be posting and updating a "secret documents" section highlighting the SARA we created, and built, from 1984 to 1991.(link to this section is here)  If you wish to be informed, please browse this section. (oh, and don't forget.....it's secret... HI) 

Apr.02.08   I would like to thank Andrew VE6EN for his support.  Welcome to DStar Calgary, and the WRN gateway!!!

Mar.25.08  I would like to thank Marlene VE6MJK for her support.  Welcome to DStar Calgary ,and the WRN gateway!!!

We have been hearing on other repeaters that the Wildrose Network (including DStar) are closed systems.  A point of clarification; all of our repeaters are open to all Hams. It is only our specialty features that require some sort of support to access.  This is true for most clubs as equipment does not come cheap, and this is our way of encouraging users to support our system and group. But you're definately welcome to make use of the repeaters including DStar.  Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Dale VE6CPK.  Also everyone is welcome to come and join us for coffee Wednesday night at Swiss Chalet in the south on MacLeod Trail.  A good place to ask questions and get to know a little more about us and what we have to offer the local amateur radio community.  We were the first to offer DStar in the Calgary area. The Wild Rose Network DStar system was the first privately established system in Canada, and we are the first group to establish a privately held Canadian gateway. We welcome new users and groups that would like to learn more.  73...

Feb.16.08  I would like thank Gerry VE6QLT for his support.  Welcome to DStar in Calgary!!!

Feb.08.08  NewSwap-N-Shop 
page (also listed below).  If your looking or have items to sell let Dale VE6CPK know and I will post them for you.

  VE6WRT (147.390+ PL 100) is back on the air and is working well, coverage is good.  The repeater is located in the SE quadrant of the city.  I would like to thank Dennis VE6BGZ for the use of his site.

Dec.01.07  VE6WRO (147.030- PL 100) is up and running but on a limited basis at this time, we hope to get it back up on the mountain when we can which will probably be in the spring.

  If your wanting to set up your DStar radio for GPS use on the gateway please read the following txt.  DStar_GPS.txt

May.05.07 Remembering the good old days!!!  WR_map95 Image1  Image2  Image3 Image4

Apr.01.07   If you would like to help support us with the D-Star project please click here.

  Check out Icom's new D-Star radios. IC-2820H,ID-800H and ID-91/92AD

For more info click onCARDS - Stands for: Calgary Amateur Radio D-Star System.

Jan.29.07  Please read the info for repeater use of VE6RPT as outlined by Aarne VE6CKV.  Also note that there is a net on this repeater every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:15 pm local time (MT).   You will need a PL of 131.8 for access.

   Just to let everyone know that there are many other projects that we are into but due to previous problems with certain hams these projects will be on a need to know bases.  However if your interested please get in touch with Dale / VE6CPK.

Dec.10.06  VE6RPT has been updated with a new repeater and controller.  However take note, PL is now required for access (131.8).  Also the repeater will go to sleep if there has been no activity for 6 minutes, once this occurs it will require 2 second TX to bring it up.  Once up it will work as normal, don't forget the PL on transmit.  The repeater does transmit the same PL for those that would like to decode it as well. There still is some fine tuning to do and hopefully this will be taken care of in the next few days.  Watch here for further updates.  updateDec20/06

  VE6WRO is still running on Hailstone Butte (2)(3)(4)(5) at an altitude of 7780 feet.  This repeater has been running on the mountain tops since 1984 (formerly on SugarLoaf for 10 years).  Batteries were replaced for the first time in 2003, the previous batteries lasted 20 years.  This repeater is considered very long range and covers easily from Calgary to the Lethbridge area and in some cases right down to the US border.  (Nov 6/09update-> Please note the VE6WRO is down for the moment, we plan to have it back up in the summer of 2010, however it will be running locally very soon for the winter.  Watch here for updates.)