Wildrose Network News Archives from 2009....

Dec.21.09  Just let everyone know that the DStar repeaters are working well.  We have some interesting projects coming including another DStar repeater VE6WRO coming in the new year.  This will most likely be replacing the FM repeater.  VE6RPT near Cochrane is working well along with our Mountain Park repeaters.  I have had a lot of interest in the crossband repeating for DStar and this brings up some other ideas that I am working on and will post them in the crossband section a little later on.  I had a hardrive crash about a month ago and I have pretty much got everything back to normal except for the FTP site which I will probably work on over the Xmas holidays.  Our coffee gathering will still be on as usual so if you have some time come on down and join us at the usual time and location.  With that our group sends its best wishes to you all and hope Santa is good to you (maybe a 2820 under the tree) and all the best in the New Year.   Dale/VE6CPK

  If your interested in learning how to CrossBand in DV mode using an Icom 2820 mobile read the following article that Dale VE6CPK has wriiten.

  For users wanting to register on the gateway system, please read this PDF document first.  You do not have to be a supporter of the Wildrose Network but any donations or a membership would be much appreciated. (see Membership). When you have completed the first part of the registration, please send me an email so I can register you.  Once done, you can log back in and finalize the actual registration of your call.  Please read the documentation closely.

Nov.06.09  Good to see our coffee gathering on a roll lately as some new faces and the interest in DStar continues.  I would like to say thanks to Max VE6MAD for supporting our group.  Welcome to DStar Calgary, and the VE6WRN gateway!!!

Nov.01.09  Recently we had a Shaw Internet connection put in at the repeater site.  Before it was a wireless Rogers connection which worked reasonably well but did give us issues from time to time.  The new connection has been up for a week now and test are great!!!  Asking our supporters about the new connection and all agree that its working much better.  The Wildrose Network was the first private group to put up a DStar repeater/gateway system in Canada and we believe that we continue with new and inovative ideas within our group for all to enjoy.  An upcoming annoucement will be made shortly so stay tune,,,

  Recentluy we found a certificate error would occurr when trying to log into DStar to register or to access your info using Windows IE.  I don't have an exact answer but in the meantime we found Firefox and Seamonley to work OK.  Other browsers may work as well.

Aug.31.09  Check out Icom's new IC-9100 radio...has DStar capability however there is no high speed data on 1200 (optional).

Aug.14.09  Japan is now on the DStar Gateway.  Click here for more info.

  The Wildrose Network has moved. http://ve6cpk.com/wildrosenetwork   Please bookmark this new location.  The site is sponsored by Dale VE6CPK.  You can also check out other sites by going to ve6cpk.com   Enjoy!!!

May.06.09  A look at the new Icom 80/880 brochure.

May.04.09  A new FTP site has been implemented for Ham Radio use by the Wildrose Network. Dale VE6CPK is hosting the FTP site.  This site will be a collection of files, info, pictures and whatever else is related.  For information about the FTP site a file located on the main folder is available here.  It can also be accessed when logging into the FTP site and will usually have the latest information.  For access you will need to send
Dale VE6CPK a message with your call sign and password.  This FTP site is an experiemnt on my part so your input and use will determine its future.  Enjoy, I look forward to your comments.

Apr.24.09   Dayton now has a D-Star repeater W8BI on 147.105 +0.600.
  The Hamilton, OH W8RNL D-Star system is on 145.16 +0.600 and 442.625 +5.00.