DStar March 5/2007

Greetings All;

Please note that Canada's first privately owned D-STAR system is now active on the gateway. We are located in Calgary, Alberta not far from the Rocky Mountains. Our coverage is local to the Calgary area at this time, but we are planning to re-locate in the not too distant future.

Our Channel frequencies are as follows:

Module C: 146.805MHz -600 KHz (offset now -1.2 Megs as of Aug/10)
Module B: 444.925 MHz +5 MHz
Module A: 1287.500 MHz -20MHz (voice)
Module D: 1247.500 MHz (data)

Our call sign is VE6WRN. The repeater system is owned and operated by Dale, VE6CPK, Mike, VE6AMC and Aarne, VE6CKV. Special thanks to Eric, VE3EI, for his help and assistance with getting our project off the ground. Our current system administrator is Dale VE6CPK in Calgary. ve6cpk@shaw.ca

We'd love to hear from you, so give us a call!


Dale, Mike and Aarne
Calgary Amateur Radio D-Star System. (CARDS)

Sponsored by the Wild Rose Network.