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   Yaesu's System Fusion.
Check out this video about the new Fusion Repeater / 2013
Product Bulletin Sep 19/2013
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Now up and running - Yaesu's System Fusion!!!
VE6WRN - 442.925+ PL 131.8 / C4FM - Calgary /Long Range /S
VE6WRT - 147.390+ PL 131.8 / C4FM - Hailstone /S
VA6FSN - 444.825+ PL 151.4 / C4FM - SW Calgary /L (20)
VE6FON - 443.700 + PL 131.8 / C4FM - Calgary West /L (20)
/S - Curretly Stand-a-lone   /L - Can be linked
Yeasu's FTM-400
Yeasu's FT1D - Black
Yeasu's FT1D - S
Yaesu FT2D - New
Digital/FM VHF/UHF Repeater

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Updated: Jan 10/22


Currently testing the new Yaesu DR2x repeater VA6FSN, this repeater can be linked to VE7RYF, VA7DXH and VE7RWS on Vancouver Island.  There are two other repeaters that can be connected but are under test at this time.  If your interested in learning more please contact Dale VE6CPK.  We have a second repeater that we will be bringing on line in the new year.  Watch here for further updates.   

An update to the Fusion repeaters, both VHF/UHF repeaters have been located here  in Calgary on the West side giving good coverage to the area.  VHF repeater VA6TWO now on 147.390 +600 PL131.8, UHF repeater VE6WRN is on 444.200 +5M PL131.8   Both repeaters can operate both modes C4FM.  Note that the VHF frequency is also used on another FM repeater in the area but a different PL is required, also the same frequency is userd on our DStar repeater VE6WRO on hailstone Butte located south of the city.  Generally these repeaters do not interfere with each other as they either require the correct PL or Digital mode.  So far there has been no issues.

Mar.11.16   Yaesu introduces another new Fusion radio call FTM-3200DR.  Should be available soon.  Check image above.  Click here for some info.

Dec.10.15  Yaesu has launched a new System Fusion customer portal, accessible at: http://systemfusion.yaesu.com. This new portal allows customers to interact directly with Yaesu customer service, other customers and also offers the following features:

    FAQ Section
    Customer Support & Self Help System
    Up to Date product information
    Feature Request Submissions
    Calendar of Events / Presentations

Nov.29.15  Please note that recently the Fusion repeater at VE6RPT quit working.  Not sure of the cause at this time but the repeater has been pulled and its future is in question.

Jul.23.15  There are more Yaesu updates and new products like the new FTM-100DR.  Also firmware and software updates.  See Yaesu's website.

Jan.02.15  There is some new firmware updates for the Yaesu radios.  These updates help improve the fusion operation of these radios.  Also note that Yaesu has a new portable called the FT2DR.  Click on the image above to check it out.

Jun.12.14    Please note that the Yaesu System Fusion repeater is now operational on VE6RPT near Cochrane on 146.940- PL 131.8.  This repeater works both analog and digital modes.  If you do not want to listen to digital data on your radio be sure that you are decoding PL, this way you will not hear any digital traffic.  And if you want to make a call on the repeater in FM have a quick look at your radio to be sure there is no S-meter reading to avoid stepping on someone who may be there in the digital mode.  Enjoy!!!

May.12.14   The Yaesu System Fusion repeater has been relocated to VE6RPT near Cochrane on 146.940 - PL 131.8.  If you are unfamiliar with this repeater type I strongly recommend you see the Yeasu's System Fusion video and also check out the FAQ's of Fusion.  Both links are available above.  Any questions please contact Mike VE6AMC or Dale VE6CPK.  We will certainly be talking about it at coffee Wednesday evening.  This repeater has a lot to offer.

Note: VE6RPT appears to have a lot of noise/breakup on the receive signal.  Were hoping this is in the duplexer and are looking at a replacement.  If it turns out to be the antenna then will probably have to live with it for now as there is no funding to replace the antenna.

Mar.24.14   Yaesu's System Fusion repeater is now up and running at a temporary location in the upper SW corner of Calgary.  Coverage is sporadic but can be worked in many locations around the city.  There is good coverage towards the mountains. A better site is planned once we get a better feel for this system.  For now the frequency is 444.8875 + PL 131.8 on FM, digital mode C4FM FDMA.  We appreciate any feedback so please let us know what you think.  More info will become available as we know more.  For now you can email Dale VE6CPK from the main page under contacts.   Also if you have a chance come on down to our coffee gathering Wednesday night as I'm sure will have lots to talk about.

Mar.19.14  The Wildrose Network is venturing into another area that hams have not gone before.   Yaesu's System Fusion.    More information will become available here shortly as we move forward.   Right now we are very busy setting things up.