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Updated Dec 2015

You can download a PDF file of all the Wildrose Repeaters and DStar registered users for VE6WRN / WRO here.
   updated by Dennis VE6BGZ   Dec 15

DStar Repeaters
VE6WRN 146.805  -1.2M (Dashboard)
                444.925 +5M
                1287.500  -20M
VE6WRO 147.315 +.600 (Dashboard)
VE6WRE 444.825 +5M (TBA)
VE6WRT  147.390+ (Hailstone Butte)
  Current Status: Offline Nov 20.15

FM Repeaters
VA6TWO 927.0125 -25M PL 131.8
VA6TRE 927.0500 -25M PL 131.8
VE6RPT 444.900+ PL 218.1 (FM/P25)
VE6RPT 146.940- PL 131.8 (FM/P25)

VE6WRT 224.940- (Hailstone)
   Link to Parks Rpt    
   Current Status: Online July 26.14

Note: VE6WRT 147.390+ FM PL100 is also operating in Calgary on FM.
See Recent Updates - July 28

Park Repeaters - PL 131.8
VE6BNF 146.670- (Banff) Rpt TX 151.4
VE6BNP 146.880- (L. Louise)
VE7KNP 146.700- (N-Kootenay)
VE7PNR 146.880- (S-Kootenay)
VE6AMP 147.030- (Nester 10,300'+)

VE6MPR Hub Repeater 444.7875+
   All Parks repeaters link via VE6MPR

Yaesu System Fusion Rpt..
VE6FSN 442.800  C4FM FDMA 
  Note: This repeater was at VE6RPT            but will be relocated with a new call and frequency in the coming days.

A second Fusion Rpt is in the works.
See: Fusion

See Dennis VE6BGZ notes at the top of this column for more details on all the repeaters.

Clcik here for a list of DMR/CCS7
ID Numbers. 
Complied by Dennis VE6BGZ.
Wildrose Amateur Radio
Calgary, Alberta - Canada
Site designed by Dale VE6CPK
The DSTAR Repeater and Gateway VE6WRO have returned to Banff and is now operational.    See Mar.18.15 for updated comments and frequency change.    PLEASE NOTE: We recently had a hard drive failure so call sign routing is all that is working...
As always we would like to thank the individuals that help keep all this hardware running.  The cost of putting in the hardware has mostly come out of a few dedicated hams but the on-going cost is what we need help with.  Please check out this page to check your status.  And if you want to become a supporter or a member of the Wildrose please click here.

The Wildrose Group will still be gatherinfg for coffee over the holidays both Wednesday's Dec 23 and Dec 30. 

Yaesu has launched a new System Fusion customer portal, accessible at: This new portal allows customers to interact directly with Yaesu customer service, other customers and also offers the following features:

    FAQ Section
    Customer Support & Self Help System
    Up to Date product information
    Feature Request Submissions
    Calendar of Events / Presentations

DStar registration is now working once again on VE6WRN.  I'm in the process of rebuilding the older database so if you are registered on VE6WRN before today please login again with your callsign and password as a new user.  Once approved your old data/terminals will show up the next time you log in.  I need to purge the older database so that all calls registered on VE6WRN will show and allow you to gain access to your data.  If you do not register then your callsign will probably be removed from the trust server and your DStar gateway access will no longer work.  I do not plan to do the purge until the new year so you will have some time to register your call again.  If your new not to worry, just register and please send me an email so I can go in and approve your call.  Dale

When using VE6RPT please note that there is a 3 minute timer on the repeater transmitter, meaning the repeater must drop to reset that timer or the repeater will stop transmitting.  On our next visit we will probably extend that to 6 minutes.

Due to the fact that no one had let me know that the VHF repeater was down at VE6RPT (since I do not use it that much) it was of great expense to Mike VE6AMC and myself (Dale VE6CPK) to get something up sooner rather than later.  Because this site is one of the best in the Calgary/Cochrane area we did not want to put in just any package.  Site access is limited so we tried to get something good.  We ended up spending more than we would have liked but we ended up getting a very reliable Motorola Quantar Rpt with analog/digital capability.  With time running out AltaLink gave us access to the site last Thursday as they were getting into shut down mode until after Christmas and access would have had to wait until the new year.  We were able to pull the Fusion (since it was not working) and replace it with the Quantar.  Now up and running at twice the power as before it appears coverage has improved.  PL is the same as before however digital mode has changed.  If you hear a buzzing sound on the repeater that is digital.  Obvious you may not want to listen to that in FM so just make sure your radio is decoding PL and you will not hear the noise.  This is the same scenario as with the Fusion repeater.  With the added power we are running into an antenna issue something that was there before but not as bad.  The antenna is getting very old (210c8) and should be replaced.  But another added expense, for now it will have to wait.  The breakup on FM is more noticeable than digital.  There is some fine tuning to do but that will have to wait until the new year perhaps until spring.  In the meantime VE6RPT is back and if it ever goes down again someone please let me know.  However with the new digital package I may be on it a little more than before. More about the digital mode/repeater can be found in the coming days in the P25 section.

This repeater used to be an independent repeater once ran and maintain by Aarne Luoma VE6CKV who passed away in 2008.  Since then this repeater has been given to the Wildrose and is now operating under the Wildrose Group.  This has been a major expense for us and one I hope is worth while since this is an exceptional site. Currently running a 210C8 at 300 feet above ground this antenna is showing its age.  Funds are needed if we ever plan to replace it.  If you can, please support or become a member of the Wildrose.  You can contact me (Dale - ve6cpk) or if you like click on the PayPal button above to help us out.

DVAP and X-Band frequencies updated. See Local Links.  Thanks goes to Dennis VE6BGZ for keeping this updated.

The DStar repeater C-module in Banff is working however the gateway computer is not.  Callsign routing appears to work OK but any dplus requirements are not.  I have not been able to write any data to the hardrive so I suspect the hardrive is on its last legs.  Rebooting takes a long time for the system to come back up and is usually full of errors.  The computer is an origianl one we had back in the beginning of DStar, it uses and IDE drive which is hard to find these days. A computer replacement may be required. Unfortunately with other expenses this project will have to wait for now.

As we head into winter the mountain parks repeaters are all working well. We (Mike VE6AMC and Dale VE6CPK) have been at most of the sites to check them out and all are looking good. Solar power is all good. We have added a feature at one of the sites so stay tune as I'll explain later.

We have not been able to make it to Hailstone Butte this year due to time and cost however the 220 repeater continues to operate well but occassionally the repeater transmitter will hang for long periods of time.  But it does function during this time and does not bring up the parks system so it hasn't been a crtical issue.  We plan to either replace the controller or try and re-program it on our next visit.  The DStar repeater at the site worked very well during the summer but as we head into winter with load demands at the site it will probably be turned off.  If you remember, and I'm sure you do, the roads were washed out in the area making it difficult to get to the site.  Roads in the area have been repaired but the actual road to the repeater site has not.  Its been a hike since. Thanks goes to Mike VE6AMC for making a couple of hiking trips to the site to help keep the repeaters and links working.
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