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Recent Updates...

Updated Jun 2015

You can download a PDF file of all the Wildrose Repeaters and DStar registered users for VE6WRN / WRO here.
   updated by Dennis VE6BGZ   Jun/15

DStar Repeaters
VE6WRN 146.805  -1.2M (Dashboard)
                444.925 +5M
                1287.500  -20M
VE6WRO 147.315 +.600 (Dashboard)
VE6WRE 444.825 +5M (TBA)
VE6WRT  147.390+ (Hailstone Butte)
  Current Status: Online Apr 20.15

FM Repeaters
VA6TWO 927.0125 -25M PL 131.8
VA6TRE 927.0500 -25M PL 131.8
VE6RPT 444.900+ PL 218.1 (FM/P25)
VE6RPT 146.940- PL 131.8 (C4FM)

VE6WRT 224.940- (Hailstone)
   Link to Parks Rpt    
   Current Status: Online July 26.14

Note: VE6WRT 147.390+ FM PL100 is also operating in Calgary on FM.
See Recent Updates - July 28

Park Repeaters - PL 131.8
VE6BNF 146.670- (Banff) Rpt TX 151.4
VE6BNP 146.880- (L. Louise)
VE7KNP 146.700- (N-Kootenay)
VE7PNR 146.880- (S-Kootenay)
VE6AMP 147.030- (Nester 10,300'+)

VE6MPR Hub Repeater 444.7875+
   All Parks repeaters link via VE6MPR

New Yaesu System Fusion Rpt..
VE6RPT 146.940-  C4FM FDMA 

A second Fusion Rpt is in the works.
See: Fusion

See Dennis VE6BGZ notes at the top of this column for more details on all the repeaters.
Wildrose Amateur Radio
Calgary, Alberta - Canada
Site designed by Dale VE6CPK
The DSTAR Repeater and Gateway VE6WRO have returned to Banff and is now operational.    See Mar.18.15 for updated comments and frequency change.    ENJOY DSTAR in the Canadian Rockies  ! ! !
Jul.24.15  The P25 and System Fusion page have had some recent updates.

Jul.10.15  Interested in the Icom 7100 HF and DSTAR radio?  Here is an article on the radio posted in QST.  Here is also a more detail look at the 7100. Icom has a good price on this radio until Sep 30/15.  Here is there Brochure.  LDG has a great tuner for this radio, you can check that out here.

I just added my comments about cross banding on Yaesu System Fusion.  It seems complicated at first but is rather simple and you can use all modes including FM.  Check out my article under Local Links then click on DStar / C4FM Crossband or simply click here.

The Banff repeater VE6BNF is now running split PL.  Same PL as before to key up repeater 131.8 and if you wish to decode PL on your radio use 151.4   Mike and I also did a PM while at the site and all looks great.

There are some new updates in the 900 Meg repeater section.

There is a new version of WinDV 1.58.p3 now available.  You can get that version off of the Wildrose Support Page.

I recently did the firmware upgrades on my 5100 with no issues at all.  Just be sure to read the info before proceeding as there are some items to note.  I have uploaded all the required files and documentation in the Wildrose Support section.

Here is a recent review of the Icom 5100 taken from February QST.  Here is Icom's product page on the 5100.  You can also get the latest firmware from that same page.

Check out the new DV3K Dongle that was introduced at Dayton. There is also a clickable image on the right side of this page.  Below is a comment from Robin AA4RC.

We announced the new DV3K Dongle at the D-STAR forum at Dayton on Friday.  The software wasn't quite ready to go yet but several folks wanted to take the new hardware back with them oversees so we let HRO start selling on Saturday.  We are still working out the remaining issues with the new DVTool 2.1 which should be released in the next day or two.  In the mean time, you can download the latest version of WinDV and select "Thumb DV" as the device since the new DV3K Dongle is similar in architecture.

New from Yaesu, FTM-100dr. You can also check it out on RigPix. Supposedly coming in June. Um.....   RadioWorld now has this radio on there Toronto web site. Here is the link.

VE6WRT DStar repeater (C-Module) on Hailstone has been turned back on and functioning.  Enjoy!!!

Apr.12.15  Mike VE6AMC and Dale VE6CPK were at the VE6RPT repeater site last Thursday to do some PM work.  There had been a on-going problem with some break-up on signals from time to time and it was thought to possibly be in the duplexer.  After Mike rebuilt the duplexer we managed to gain more power out and also a much improved knotch.  Further test showed an improvement in repeater performance.  Pierre VE6PTE was hiking west of Elbow Falls at the time and was able to work the repeater using his portable.  We have not heard any break-up of signals since but will monitor it for awhile to confirm.  Also some programming of UHF repeater was done.  There was an internal timer that would get us from time to time.  This timer has been set a little longer.  UHF is working very well on both Analog and P25.  Note that the VHF repeater is a Yaesu Fusion System and can  be worked either Analog or Digital.  Any questions or comments please send them to Dale VE6CPK.  Email addresses can be accessed under CONTACTS.

If your like some of us contemplating on what size of balls we need, here is a chart that may help you out.  I know it did for me.  Click here.  You can also check on what shapes you might need.  Click here.  To be clear I am talking about Ram Mounts.

If your wondering about Google Maps and FI check out this link:

The Parks repeater system is now linked to Ottawa.  Thanks to Andrew VE6EN for providing the ROIP connection.  Any repeater on the Parks system can access the ROIP link.  If you have any questions or endorsements please contact Andrew VE6EN.

The DSTAR repeater C Module and gateway have returned to Banff and is now operational.  Thanks goes to Mike VE6AMC for negotiating to have it returned to the area.  It is located at the same site as before so coverage will be the same.  Note that the C module has changed frequency to 147.315+, this was done to prevent interference from the VE6AMP repeater that was located in the same area in the summer of 2013.  The UHF module that was running in Calgary with the callsign VE6WRO is currently down but will return with a new callsign VE6WRE in the near future.  Watch here for details.  Repeater frequency will remain the same.

Comment from John VA6DS about the Alberta Wide Technical Net held every Monday at 8PM Local.

Where:  VE6KM B and VE6WRN C - 8:00 pm local every Monday evening.  We check in and then discuss various Technical topics.  D-Star, Fm, APRS, Cameras, Computers, HF, GPS, Radio programming, and other Technical issues.  But most important is help for D-Star and events taking place on D-Star.

All  you need is a D-Star device to check in.  You do not have to be a member of any club or organization.  Oh and a little Edmonton Calgary ribbing.  We also have lunches and coffee get togethers from time to time.  The Calgary group have there's every Wednesday evening.      John VA6DS
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