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                Oct 25/2020
To boldly go where no ham has gone before (at least not many)
Astro Digital
Motorola Quantar
To Boldly go...
Dec.30.16  Recently a few of us are now using P25 on our 900 Meg repeater.  Surprisingly it is working very well.  Most equipment is either XTS/XTL-2500 Portable/Mobile and are Astro capable.  If your interested please contact us to be sure you get the right radio and flash code for our repeater.

  The Yaesu Fusion repeater at VE6RPT VHF has failed and has been replaced with a Motorola Quantar P25.  Repeater is similiar to the UHF Quantar.  Same frequency and PL are used.  If your interested in using the P25 mode please contact either Mike VE6AMC or Dale VE6CPK.  The Quantar will remain at the site for now.  Enjoy!!!

  A few more of us have picked up new radios and are active on P25.  The repeater is working well so not much to report.  If your interested please get in touch with us so that you can get the right NAC code for the digital mode.  Not required if you plan to just use FM.

  A new UHF antenna has replaced the old one at VE6RPT/U and test proved to be that the antenna was the culprit with the desense we were having.  The old antenna was a 310C2 replaced with a new 310C4.  Also this antenna is now pointed a little more towards the city and it appears so far that the signal locally is a little stronger.  I will be heading to Banff in the next little while and will test coverage in that direction.  We have found that the repeater is working much better for both analog and digital.

Apr.02.14  We been having some desense problems at the repeater site.  We believe there is an issue with the antenna.  We have ordered a new antenna with a little more gain.  We hope to have it up by month end.  Watch here for further details.

  The Wildrose Network is pleased to announce that we have installed Alberta's first Amateur radio P-25 Repeater. This machine has replaced the VE6RPT UHF repeater and is now working on mixed mode (both analog and digital). We will be discussing this new repeater and communications mode over coffee the next few weeks so more information will be available there.  Initial details on the repeater are below:

VE6RPT UHF 444.900 MHz + PL 218Hz Analog
                        444.900 MHz + $293 Astro Digital P-25

Hope to hear you on P-25!!
The Wildrose Amateur Radio P-25 project team.

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VA6TWO UHF 927.0125 MHz - 25M PL 131.8 Tx 151.4 Rx  FM/P25
VE6WRO  UHF 927.0500 MHz - 25M PL 151.4 Tx/Rx  FM/P25
VE6TRE UHF 927.7250 Mhz - 25M PL 131.8 Tx 151.4  Rx  FM/P25