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Dale - VE6CPK

Kenwood HF TS-430 .  Excellent shape, with SSB/CW filters.  Asking $430
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E-mail: ve6cpk@shaw.ca

For Sale

Motorola GTX900 Mobile $250.
Programmed and configured to work on the Wildrose 900 Repeater.
Phillips 10 MHz dual trace Oscilloscope. Unit is working and comes with manual but no probes.  $50.00
(NEW) Alinco DR-03  Ten Meter FM Transceiver. Radio is new and has not been used, only opened and bench tested to ensure operation.  $240.00 Firm  SOLD
Contact Dale at ve6cpk@shaw.ca 

  Updated Mar 20.2015

For Sale

Collins 30L-1 amplifier. 700 watts out CCA very good.
Collins 312B-4 station console, up to 2 kilowatts reading. Has new speaker and has been calibrated.
Harbch Multi-Key

All for $900.

Hy-Gain TH3MKII 10,15,20 meter Yagi, 14' boom. New plastics kit for traps etc. New hardware and completely refurbished.  $200

Glenn, VE6ND

Posted Jul 1.2015

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