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Calgary 900 Megs VA6TWO 927.0125 -25 Megs PL 131.8  - Long Range 100 watts
Calgary D-Star VE6WRN
) 444.925+ 1287.500(-20Mhz) VE6WRN
Banff D-Star VE6WRO 147.030+
         Hailstone Butte D-Star VE6WRT 147.390+
Hub repeater near Spray Lakes 444.7875+ L   Hailstone Butte  224.940- L (see note below)
Banff VE6BNF 146.670- L (PL 131.8)  /   /   Lake Louise VE6BNP 146.880- L
Kootenay VE7KNP 146.700- L  (PL 131.8) /  Radium-Cranbrook VE7PNR 146.880- L (PL 131.8)
  Nester Mtn.(Near Canmore) 147.030- L  (PL 131.8) Back online Aug 16/13
Near Cochrane VE6RPT 146.940- (PL 131.8)  444.900+ (PL 218.1)
For a PDF file of all the repeaters click here.
DSTAR INFO ON:   VE6WRN   VE6WRO   VE6WRT - more gateways

DStar Administrator for VE6WRN: email Dale VE6CPK     For VE6WRO: email Mike VE6AMC
EST. 1990

CARDS - Calgary Amateur Radio D-Star System
D-Star (CARDS) / Wildrose Network Application Form  -  (PDF File)

If your registering for the first time with the Wildrose Network Group either at VE6WRN or VE6WRO please send Dale VE6CPK an email for VE6WRN or Mike VE6AMC an email for VE6WRO so that we can approve your access to the Gateway sooner rather than later.  Once approved (an email will be sent back to you) please return to finalize your settings.  Then you should be good to go in a couple of hours.  Enjoy!!   Note: If you have registered elseware do not register a second time as this will cause you problems, you only need to register once.

--> To Register or Log in for VE6WRN click here <--          --> To Register or Log in for VE6WRO click here <--

After registering remember to go back in and set up at-least one terminal.
Here is a link that will help you do that.  You can also check out our example here.
Here is another alternate Registration Help file from Australia
No excuse now, however if you still need some help please email me at: Dale VE6CPK

D-Star Explained - DStar Search - To learn more about D-STAR
Setting up DPRS on your Icom DStar Radios
DV Dongle - DVAP Dongle
- Index of Tools
Northern Alberta Radio Club - D-Star - VA7ICM - PAPAsys - San Diego
A list of D-Star Nets - DStar INFO - Your Source - DStar in Japan
Need to check your Call or someone elses on the DStar Trust Server?   Another Alternative
N0SO Ham Radio WebSite

Calgary SUNSET & RISE Times
Current Position of the SUN -
World Time - Full

The Wildrose Network host the following nets on VE6WRN weekly, they are:
Philadelphia Digital Net - Monday 18:15 MST/MDT - Module B
The Alberta D-Star Info Net - Monday - 20:00 MST/MDT - Module C (Linked to VE6KM)
Canadian D-Star Net - Friday - 19:00 MST/MDT - Module C (Xrf 021B) - Discontinued on Ref 016B - click here for updated info

Also the following nets may be heard:
San Diego D-Star Tech Net - Tuesday - 21:00 MST/MDT - Module C

Ozark Mountain D-Star Net - Sunday - 19:00 MST/MDT - Module C

If you would like to help support us with the D-Star project please click here.

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          Dstar Users
Current WRNG Rpt. List & registered Gateway Users (PDF) Aug/13   
DVAP Freq. List Dec/11     X-Band Freq. List Nov/11 
WRNG of Supporters Aug/13        WRN Support Page - Password Required

Amatuer Radio


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         Solar - Cycle 24
         Latest Solar Radio Flux Report from DRAO,
               - Penticton 

         Space Weather - A look at what goes on in space.
Free Star - VA3UV | XRF021 - (2) | IRCDDB (Live)    DStar Info    DStar Info - All your DStar requirements      Open DV 
Newark Canada - All kinds of electronic components including the Raspberry Pi
Creatron Inc - Canadian site for the Raspberry Pi and other components
Advanced Repeater System - Amateur Radio Repeater Systems
Dutch StarDutch-Star - DStar for the Rest of Us!!!                              
Dutch Star Software Page
DvWin Node Help
DVAP and PIDVAP and Pi - Article on how to...  
Node Adapter from Asia  -  Satoshi       
 DVrptr Board DVRPTR  - GMSK
  Open DV Software

  Matrix Circuits  Matrix Circuits - GMSK board for DStar
   Tracker Support Page   
Tracker 3
Tracker 3 Info
Tracker3 Wiki
Tracker OTM3 Manual
Tracker OTM2 Manual

   RT Systems  RT Systems - Radio Programming Software 
  Durham Radio
  Tarheel HF Antennas  -  For Amateur Radio
   Alinco    Alinco Home Page
   409shop     409shop - All kinds of Radio Stuff   
SPOTSpot - Live to tell about it!!! 
  Coffee - Come and join us for coffee, learn and have some fun!!!
  Swap-N-Shop - Wildrose Network Swap-N-Shop Page

  History - A little history of the Wild Rose Network. updateMay03/08
  • WWV - Check the time on your computer.
  • Planatarium - An excellent program for the palmpilot's for observing the skies.
  • Pocket Sat - An excellent program for the palmpilot's for tracking satellites.
  • GPS Central - Excellent source for Garmin GPS receivers and associated products.  Located in Calgary.
  • NASA's Homepage

  • Wildrose Network theme song...
    DStar CrossBand - How to... - A article by Dale VE6CPK on how to crossband using a Icom 2820 and a DStar Handheld
                                                                        - also how to crossband using your DVAP via the Icom 2820
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