WRN  History - The Wild Rose Network

Dale - VE6CPK, Pat - VE6CPT, Walter - VE6ANI, and Mike - VE6AMC have been very active in Amateur Radio since the early 1980's. Here a summary of their accomplishments: * = Working in co-operation with Aaron Hughes, VE6FQ. The above is a summary of our achievements.  Watch for our current endeavors:
The WILD ROSE NETWORK supporters are gathering quickly and we would like to hear any suggestions or comments you may have. We are here to learn and have fun. Please send your comments or suggestions to Dale Grant / VE6CPK.  We all look forward to meeting you at our next coffee gathering. Until next time...73's from the supporters of the WILD ROSE NETWORK and CALGARY AMATEUR RADIO D-STAR SYSTEM (CARDS).

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